What is LARP?

What is LARP?

So what is LARP? LARP is an acronym that stands for Live Action Role Play. If you have ever heard of Dungeons and Dragons it is very similar.

So the main part you have in LARP is role play. Role play is where you act as another person or creature. You can either describe what your character does (as in table-top role play) or do live action role play. Live action roleplay is where you actually do what your character does. 

 LARP has many different systems that you can use to determine company and skills. At its core though it is about you acting as if you are the character you designed. You dress as the character, eat as the character, explore as the character, etc.

Many LARPs have land that they use to be able to set up stores and non-player characters. There is a game master that runs the stories and helps to create the world that you act in. Plot is the people that help the game master to create the world for all the players. Also, many LARPs will have people act as monsters so that you have creatures to fight/ways to gain experience. 

No matter what system you use, LARP creates a community of people who want to escape the real world in one way or another. Sometimes the fun you have with it is made greater by the people you are playing with. Once you find a community that you belong to the possibilities are endless. Try your locate LARP sometime. 

You can find your local LARPs through conventions, Facebook groups, forums, etc. 

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