Intro: Making of a Rougarou

Soon I will begin documenting my journey with making a Rougarou costume. If you don't know what a Rougarou is, it is essentially Louisiana's werewolf. I won't go to much into the history of it but there is a lot of history to read. 

I have a friend who has been wanting this costume for a very long time. The design is going to be made to suit their preferences. Like they would like to be able to wear armor with it. I have made a articulated wolf costume before and this is basically a partial wolf costume. 

I begin the process tomorrow and I hope to do at least weekly update blogs until it is done. Depending on how complicated it becomes there may be blogs more often then that. Tuesdays will be my designated blog days (because I'm off on Tuesdays) so stay tuned. 

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